Architecture, Interior Design

10.3-11. Architecture, Interior Design, Design, Exhibition

75 years - 75 chairs

Furniture designer János Vásárhelyi, one of the most prominent Hungarian designers in the history of Hungarian furniture production, including chair production, the esteemed personality of the profession of interior designer…
10.6. Architecture, Interior Design, Workshop

Beton TV

VPI Beton is the most important concrete street furniture design and manufacturing company in Hungary. In developing their products, they strive for an innovative approach through continuous experimentation. They work…
11.13. Architecture, Interior Design

Budapest Design Map kedvenc: Hannabi

Művészi megközelítés, mérnöki attitűd, szakértelem és személyes kapcsolat: ez a négy alappillére a Hannabinak, melyről túlzás nélkül állíthatjuk, hogy az egyik legsokszínűbb bútorkészítő brand hazánkban.
10.10-31, 11.1-15. Join the Circle!, Architecture, Interior Design, Ceramics, Porcelain, Glass, Design, Social Design, Textile, Fashion, Jewellery, Zero Waste, Exhibition, Fairs and other events, Lecture, discussion, Product launch

Design Without Borders

Launched fifteen years ago, this independent exhibition and arts event series has become one of the most important of its kind in the region. It now presents the works of…
10.8. Architecture, Interior Design, Webinar

Interior design in practice

Grid team is preparing for Budapest Design Week with an hour-long conversation, during which the topic of interior design will be examined from the perspective of an interior designer and…
10.5-11. Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Animation, Photo, Media Design, Textile, Fashion, Jewellery

Közben studio

Some of the designers accommodated at Heinrich courtyard decided to found a studio in 2019. Out of the members of their shared workshop called Közben and located in Ráday…
10.8-22. Architecture, Interior Design, Exhibition


Held between 8 and 22 October, LAKO2 exhibition is a kind of closing event of the course Residential Building Design 2 at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics…