2020. 10. 05. 16:54 News

A message from The Netherlands

Ingrid Van der Wacht, International & Public Affairs Manager of the Dutch Design Foundation salutes Budapest Design Week

2020. 10. 01. 16:46 News

The press conference of Budapest Design Week was a great success

On the morning of October 1, the opening press conference of Budapest Design Week took place on the Spoon The Boat event space

2020. 09. 17. 21:01 News

Hungarian creators added to the Homo Faber Guide

Homo Faber Guide is a platform guiding visitors to the workshops of small enterprises of artisans for glancing at their creations up close. The website and the app recommend museums, exhibitions and shops – and from now on, Hungarian designers and venues are added, too!

2020. 09. 10. 11:45 News

360 Design Budapest Is Offering Introduction Opportunities - Application Open

This Autumn, Hungarian designers will have a new opportunity to win over domestic and regional audiences: the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency, as a professional partner of Design Week Budapest, will be organising both online and offline exhibitions on the occasion of theevent entitled 360 Design Budapest, to provide intensive visibility formHungary's outstanding design brands. Designers interested can apply to take part in the online and offline exhibition event.

2020. 07. 22. 15:54 News

Open Call for Designers

As in the traditions of previous years, this year Budapest Design Week is open to anyone who wants to participate. The big difference is that the festival will be held mainly online this year, and that the organizers will waive the participation fee!

2020. 07. 22. 15:44 News

World Industrial Design Day 2020: „Design for Everyday Life”

In our daily lives, we experience the value and benefits of design primarily through the objects and services that make our lives easier and more efficient. It is no coincidence, then, that the events of World Design Day 2020 around the world are organized around the theme “Design for Everyday Life”.