This year’s Budapest Design Week presents also Baltic design

Guests of Honour at Budapest Design Week in 2019 are the Baltic states: the Republics of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Between 4 and 13 October, Budapest Design Week festival is awaiting its audience for the sixteenth time this year, and, just like every year, there will be guests of honour: in 2019, the Republics of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are represented at the Design Week.

The nature-mindedness of the three states, the attitude of their designers respecting and concurrently reforming traditions, the quick adaptation of new technologies, materials and other innovations, as well as digitisation, which entwines a growing part of our lives have collectively created a rapidly changing and incredibly inspiring design ecosystem lately in the Baltic states, which parallel Hungarian examples from multiple aspects, and offers an opportunity for an exchange of opinions. The organisers present the recent Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian design achievements at an exhibition and presentation as part of the programme at Budapest Design Week 2019.

Illustration: "Time objects Memento vitae" from the exhibition materials of Lithuania (designer: Lukas-Avenasa)