Start Up Guide No. 19 is out now

The Hungarian Design Council has published this year’s Start Up Guide, which helps fresh entrepreneurs in the creative industry navigate their ways in the field of starting a business.

The publication “Start Up Guide” was prepared by the Hungarian Design Council to assist fresh entrepreneurs in starting and developing their businesses in the creative industry and art. An originator of a business must be familiar with a number of other fields of business, in addition to their respective fields of competence: basic business finance, business planning, marketing and corporate communication, legal, taxation and accounting competences are indispensable for operating a small enterprise.

The “Start Up Guide” presents the necessary basics of these fields: it details how to make a business plan, given that it will be a basic document of the company; presents the principles and sources available to entrepreneurs to finance their enterprises; shows how to determine their future market, and how to communicate with potential clients most effectively.

The Start Up Guide is available for free downloading from the microsite set up by the Hungarian Design Council.

Photo: Balázs Mohai