AR Design Tour

Discover the best cafés in town by augmented reality!

Light roast or Italian? With cream or black? With sugar or à la nature? Whatever your answer may be, you cannot only enjoy the taste of a good espresso during the Design Week, but you can also learn fun facts about the cafés of Budapest. Get your smartphone, download the app and head out to the city!

With the help of the unique ARe app, you can visit the most exciting cafés of the city and get extra content whenever you like.

  1. Download the wikitude application: Android and iOS
  2. Enter “ARe” in the search bar at the top, then select it from the results
  3. Scan page 29 or the cover page of the Design Week brochure or the cover of the Budapest Design Map 2019!
  4. Activate the content and start discovering the hidden treasures of Budapest!

Visit as many locations as you can and learn about the design values of the city surrounding us!

Feel free to ask: the owners and the exhibitors will be more than happy to answer your questions and tell you more about their creed and mission!

The program is not a guided tour! It starts on October 4, and you can do it on your own or with a group of friends, in your own rhythm.

Scan the brochure for more information!