October 12.

  • 19:00

Weightless masses

Zabora divatperformance

Ganz Ábrahám Öntödei Gyűjtemény
1027 Budapest, Bem József Str. 20.
12 October, 19:00
Entrance fee

Chicken wire, sponge, silk – construction materials as clothing accessories, installations embracing the body. Brave associations of material, a unique view. A travel to the world of senses – interaction of natural and artificial materials, contemporary dance, beer tasting, and guided tour in the more than 150-year-old jewellery box of the Museum.

Zsófia Beliczay – ceramic artist, textile designer

“During my studies, I received a multifunctional education. At the beginning I had learned sculpture, then ceramic design and during my Masters textile design. Hence, I frequently try different types of material to realise my ideas which are mostly spatially variable and extend to every direction of space. Recently I prepare jewellery. My pieces are motivated by spectacular and colourful forms which are present on the human body. My collection entitled Spongla is prepared from used sponge material.”

Bettina Wolf - fashion- and textile designer

“During my studies, I acquired knowledge in several forms of applied art so in my works experiences in the field of graphics, design, and fashion mix with a comprehensive, meticulous elaboration characteristic of goldsmiths’ works. My garments enter into relation with the human body and from plane forms through transubstantiation they become shape-shifting pieces of clothing. I get inspiration from deep meanings and values; psychological aspects are especially interesting for me.”

Zsófia Zámori – textile designer

“Playing with material. Expressing a thought through material. Thoughts giving birth to material – material awakens thoughts. My experiments circle around this problem. How can I form different types of material in a way that I let them live in the meantime? How does the choice of technique influence the result? In the world of textiles, the extreme amount of possibilities entails both huge freedom and responsibility on the designer, and I really enjoy this. Everything is textile eventually!”


„The existence of our group is the result of an organic process which started ten years ago at Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy. Within the framework of movement culture we speak the same language but we have gained separate experiences as dancers and teachers since then. Zabora is the mature appearance of all these experiences.”
Zsófia Hevér: “My choreographies and teaching method is defined by the interlocking of dance and visual arts.” www.zabora.hu

Entrance fee: 800 HUF