October 6, 13.

  • 18:00-22:00

Pre-press and UV direct printing

machine presentation, training and exhibition

1085 Üllői Str. 32.
(GRAVUS, Heinrich Udvar, small courtyard from Mária street)
6–13 October, Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00
Presentation and training
6 and 13 October, 18:00-22:00
designhet2017@gravus.hu or gravus.hu/designhet
Participation fee
5.000 Ft/guest
max. 30 guests by occasion

Gravus and paper factory Fedrigoni present the hidden possibilities of specialty papers and UV direct printing. Fedrigoni’s papers will be printed in 4-colour, white, lacquered, even on 700 gsm – what is more, Gravus will print, laser-engrave your graphics if you register it until the 10th of September. Look for the Facebook event! Registered works will be exhibited during the week. Entrance fee: 5000 Ft / guest.

This year GRAVUS and Fedrigoni presents a workshop about UV direct printing regarding the paper industry. You can expect brilliant prints on Fedrigoni's premium paper materials as we show how this unique technology makes small series production possible on materials that could be only used in high volume production until this point. 

We will present full color prints, white printing and UV coating. These technologies alone or combined give perfect solution for printing invitation cards, business cards and small prints - through these topics we will showcase GRAVUS's mission and vision, our available exclusive technologies and products. 

Two events will take place on the 6th October and the 13th October from 6pm. The topics will be the same so if any of them is sold out, just attend the other event. Participation fee is 5.000 HUF per event and besides the experience and knowledge we welcome our guests with several unique gifts. 

If you send us your graphic designs until 30th September we will print them on Fedrigoni papers, will be showcased in our workshop during the Design Week and will be yours as a gift after that. The only requirement is to attend one of our events. Registrants to the graphic printing agree that the prints will be shown on our website and facebook page, marking the author.

Registration fees should be paid in our workshop or by bank transfer to our account until the 4th October, midnight. You can register here: www.gravus.hu/designhet  //  designhet2017@gravus.hu

GRAVUS were brought to life 3 years before to service design and creative industry with premium marking and printing technologies. Some of our production technologies: engraving, digital and screen printing, large scale printing, UV direct printing, hot foil, production management, packaging and box design, etc.
Our focus is to meet every expectation of our clients and maintain our own development and stay as up-to-date in our industry as possible. Get in touch with us with any special or unique idea and we will find the optimal solution to fulfill that.

Machine presentations and training

6 and 13 October, 18:00

Registration: designhet2017@gravus.hu or gravus.hu/designhet

Participants: max. 30 guests by occasion

Participation fee: 5.000 Ft/guest