October 8.

  • 17:00


installation, presentation, audivisual performance

Trafóklub / Trafó Coffee House​
1094 Budapest, Liliom Str. 41.
EJTech: CUATRO TIEMPOS installation
8 October, 17:00
EJTech presentation​ (Trafó Coffee House​)
8 October, 17:30
Kristi Kuusk presentation​ (Trafó Coffee House​)
8 October,18:00
EJTech: CUATRO TIEMPOS audivisual performance (Trafóklub)
8 October, 19:30
Registration required:

EJTech is an art&tech lab who’s work focuses on the exploration of a new materiality, experimental interaction and techno-spiritualism. Cuatro Tiempos is an aesthetic analysis on the perception of time in 4 compositions. Kristi Kuusk’s presentation introduces new perspectives about textile futures. The event features an installation, presentation and an audiovisual performance. Details: designweek.hu (English-friendly event).

EJTech [MX-HU]: CUATRO TIEMPOS – installation

Kristi Kuusk [EE]: Textile Futures – presentation

17:00 – 20:00 CUATRO TIEMPOS installation (Trafó Club)
17:30 – EJTech presentation (Trafó Café)
18:00 – Kristi Kuusk presentation (Trafó Café)
19.30 – EJTech: CUATRO TIEMPOS audiovisual performance (Trafó Club)

Free admission. Registration: andrea@trafo.hu

Co-organized program with Estonian Institute.
EJTECH is an experimental art and technology lab based in Budapest, founded by Esteban de la Torre (MEX) and Judit Eszter Kárpáti (HUN), exploring HCI (Human-Computer-Interaction) via alternative interfaces, e-textiles, new materials and interactive installations, while focusing their artistic research on the overlapping dimensions between sound and textile.

EJTECH presents a pop-up interactive installation in the Trafó Club as part of the Design Week Budapest official programme and they intervene and redesign Trafós’s smART! window’s display for the special occasion of our 20th season. Their work focuses on the exploration of a new materiality, experimental interaction and techno-spiritualism and they exhibit some of their most recent new wave interfaces and its affiliated soundscape. Cuatro Tiempos is an aesthetic analysis on the perception of time - 4 compositions for past, present and future.
Kristi Kuusk graduated in 2011 at Estonian Academy of Arts fashion design course. Her graduation project about using new technologies for sustainability in fashion design in today’s context brought her to look deeper into the smart textile services. Having work experience in garment production area and software development company, she tries to merge the two otherwise separate and even controversial areas together in order to discover new opportunities for societally relevant applications in the emerging smart textiles field.
What can we learn from traditional crafts, to implement in the developing technology and garment systems? Kristi Kuusk’ presentation introduces new perspectives about textile futures.
Presenters: Esteban DE LA TORRE, Judit Eszter KÁRPÁTI, Kristi KUUSK
Curator: Andrea KOVÁCS
Creative concept: Let it Be! art agency

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/532084590456165