LaLuz Visuals – Light painting workshop

Programs by Museum of Applied Arts

Connected to our exhibition “In the Mood for Colours” we have invited the team of *LaLuz Visuals* whose goal is to create a new and spectacular experience of space using colours and lights. During their workshop for painting with light we can get an insight behind the scenes of this visual magic factory and we, too, can become light magicians.

  • Address: 1091 Budapest, Üllői St. 33-37.
  • Light painting workshop: 1 October, 15:00-16:30
  • Place: Museum of Applied Arts
  • Other information: The program changed the entrance to the exhibition or event ticket HUF 1300 visitors.


Fusion in world of work – With limitations but without limits

Presentations and workshops organised by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Economy and Social Science, Department of Ergonomics and Psychology

Introducing free or low budget solutions for creating barrier-free working environments. Seminar on the criteria of accessible workplace and about their benefits. Illustrating individual and/or general tools, solutions, work and life situations.

Presenter: Dr. Erika Jókai, Erzsébet Földesi

Programs are free, but registration is obligatory at :

Be a Conscious Designer!

Presentations and workshops organised by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Economy and Social Science, Department of Ergonomics and Psychology

Whether you are a designer of furniture, jewelry, clothes graphic, web or anything else, you need this knowledge! In our workshop, we present, when do the Designer need the use of Databases of Intellectual Properties during his design work and how should he use it. Participants have the opportunity to make novelty research in reference to his own intellectual design. (max. 20 person/workshop)

Presenter: Dr. Erika Jókai, Takács Lászlóné

Programs are free, but registration is obligatory at :

Presentation and workshop on eye-tracking

Presentations and workshops organised by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Economy and Social Science, Department of Ergonomics and Psychology

How do we scan virtual environments? Can eye-tracking provide additional information for game developers? The presentation showcasing the latest trends in eye-tracking is followed by an interactive workshop. (max. 30 person/workshop)

Presenter: Köles Máté, Dr. Hámornik Balázs Péter

Programs are free, but registration is obligatory at :

Human Centred Design for Innovation

Fundamentals of Innovation through Human-Centred Design

Through a dynamic mix of short lectures and hands-on activities, this one day workshop introduces participants to Human Centred Design and Service design tools and methods. This workshop is ideal for anyone who is interested in these topics. Registration: or

The workshop fee is  5500 HUF/ person/ occasion.

Appointment time change for Service Design workshop: 1. October
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Haworth Design Workshop

Product Design with Nicolai Czumaj-Bront and ITO Design

Haworth has been working with leading designers and experts to respond to emerging workplace knowledge and trends, and accommodate the ever changing need of individuals. During the workshops lead designer Nicolai Czumaj-Bront and ITO Design will guide the audience into the challenging world full of research, design, product development and innovative solutions by highlighting the unique features of Haworth’s newest ergonomic chair, FERN, that will soon to be presented in Europe and showcasing how ergonomics, design, technology and sustainability can unite in one product. Registration:

Workshops will be held in english 2 workshops, max 25 person / workshop

Technika #1, where design gets downloaded

Furniture workshop

During Budapest Design Week 2016, two initiatives cooperate, whose work is based on sharing and collaboration. Download Design provides accessible manufacturing drawings of furniture made by Hungarian young designers, while Technika Wood Workshop offers space and tools for realising your future furniture. Pick a project, download it, and let’s build it together! 

Registration & more details: (max. 15 guests)

Cellux Story Picnic

Cellux Group offers a colourful program on their all-day long picnic: check out their brand new children’s book illustration and enjoy the following kids workshop (10-13h), participate in the lecture and discussion about storytelling in design (14-15h) and finish the day with an interesting design workshop that uses folk tales as an inspiration (15-17h). 

Registration: (max. 20 guests / program)

Pop-Up exhibition

Programs at the Museum of Applied Arts

In this programme, the Museum intends to re-interpret the connection between sight, the sense of touch, and personal visual culture through a pop-up exhibition (between 11-17 h). With LaLuz team visitors can make an excursion into painting with light, whereas in the movement performance by Élőkép Theatre female sculptures are endowed with life.

Wood Graffiti Workshop

Binpile building, lamp making

Binpile modular system combines functionality, flexible versality and quality handwork. Their workshop uses recycled wood exclusively and sustainability is their basic principle. Design Week workshops allow participants to build with Binpile modules or even to create a Binpile lamp. Registration:, max.10 persons/occasion, participation fee: building is free, lamp making: 5000 Ft.

WoodLike Workshop & Brunch

Create your own wooden box!

WoodLike is a series of workshops related to Do It Yourself (DIY) projects where non-professionals have the chance to create design items with experts’ help. This time, participants will create their own and unique storage devices, and will share a brunch afterwards. Self-made fruit and vegetable “boxes” are free to be taken home by their producers. Combined ticket for the course and the brunch is 8500 HUF, for more information please visit