The Studio Project

Workshops and Evening Events

Envisioned by the designer siblings, the mittersisters brand's first collaboration is called The studio project. Workshops held in their atelier located at Astoria, combine the joy of individual creation, the idea of the personalised, variable accessoires and the status of the designer bag. Visit their studio during the Design Week, and you can try yourself out on the workshops with a 50% discount, or meet personally with the girls and the brand's third founder on one of theirinformal evenings, where in addition to the delicious food and drinks, other programs will be presented as well. Registration required on both the workshops and the evening events as well. Please send emails to the email address.(max. 6 person/ workshop, evening events: max. 30 guests/occasion).

1,618 by Art on Me, capsule collection

The Golden Ratio on you

Art on Me begins an experiment this year to express the universal law of the golden ratio in a new clothing collection, perfecting the human anatomy. The golden capsule collection will be unveiled during a unique event. To celebrate its launch, selected items of the previous collections will be offered at a discount.



Project Wink X marks the first exhibition of the Hungarian footwear label Wink in its new Shop & Design Museum. The exhibition gives an unprecedented picture of how a shoe collection is designed, manufactured and presented – from the first sketches and prototypes to the final details of the shop interiors. Two talks by the designers behind the scenes will unveil Wink’s collaborative approach to footwear and retail design.


New Collection Launch Party & Live music

Eniko Toth Kern shoe designer presents her new collection at this launch party, where not only the special shoes but clothes and other interesting pieces will be presented as well! There will be live music from a guest DJ, fun and dance, while you can also order your personalized piece from the designer or choose from the collection.

Inspiration Lounge

Presentation, interactive exhibition and cocktail party

Trends and inspirations about office design interpreted by the famous designer and star architect Henrik Schulz – all this in a pleasant lounge atmosphere spiced with an interactive exhibition. Visitors can spend a pleasant evening with Kinnarps and discover the pop-up exhibition which tells the stories behind the award-winning products. Registration: (max. 80 guests).