Ylka Design Studio

Four clothes designers, one bag designer and one lamp designer occupy a 140 square-meter creative space, which is concurrently a workshop, a showroom and a venue for design events. The designers of the brands Ducsai.Leather.Goods, FIBULA, frantaagi, Pakka and zagabo allow a peek into this environment. They offer three special programmes, in which they host founder of Slovakian shoes brand Zuzana Serbák out of the designers from the Visegrád countries. For details, please visit Facebook and the website. The programmes are available free of charge.

studio That's It

StudioThat’s it is a genuine media design workshop. Their assignments include city imaging and video clips, theatrical visual design or production and application of animation that appears in British or American films. The varied assignments call for a flexible designer attitude, while the limits of genres are being increasingly blurred, which benefits experimenting; designer and studio leader Balázs Balogh talks about these work processes. Participation is subject to registration until the day precending the advertised date, at

studio AADAAM

Discussion and visit at treasure-loaded extraordinary one-man studio AADAAM under the title ’From jewellery to women’s handball Champions League trophy’. Led by metal designer Krisztián Ádám, visitors can explore the mysteries of his work, and may look into the design processes, as well as earlier and current pieces of work. Please register at


The complex design work of S39 Hybrid Design Manufacture involves different methods of spatial creation: finding new relations between arts, design, and architecture; experiencing the power of public art; creating unique objects with smart design. Visitors can get an insight into previous projects, our design products, and concrete design workshops. During the exclusive gastronomy event you can also meet the new collection of LUMINARI Glass, designed by S39 and Rákosy Glass. LUMINARI Glass COLLECTION LAUNCH PARTY2.0. (Please register between 20 and 25 September at, the maximum number of visitors is 30.)  Read More ›


With its streamlined and special cuts harmonising comfort and function, NUBU strikes a delicate balance in their clothing items. The brand has been one of the favourites of Hungarian fashion fans – and now everyone can have a peek into the process of making these clothes and the designers’ work. Besides, NUBU Studio also offers a textile printing workshop to interested visitors, inspired by the patterns and colours of the autumn and winter collection (Registration for the workshop is required:


furniture workshop & showroom

Meonin Furniture workshop and showroom was established in the summer of 2015, and serves as the premises for designing and manufacturing the various pieces of the brand. For the designer architect Máté Bogár it took one year to create his furniture collection that debuts this year. On the open day, they intend to offer a close-up on the background work, the technology and the team behind the creation of an object. The walkthrough in the showroom offers an account of the spirit that determines creation, accompanied by food, drinks and music.


One studio – seven designers, one dog and a large number of products. If you are curious who designed Modulo buses or Paq chair beds, come and meet them to see how they work on their design and UX design projects, whether they be assignment or their own works. Maform organises a presentation and an informal discussion in three turns - participation is subject to registration, each turn can accommodate a maximum of 35 persons. Please register in an email with the subject "NyS Maform" at, until 20 September.

Konda Brigi

The designer’s goal is to produce objects in her workshop that are a pleasure to look at and eat out of – even every day. Besides her earlier works, she presents her latest collection, which is both the same as and also very different from her earlier pieces. Guests have an opportunity to follow the process of creating objects, and at the burnishing workshop they can experience the feeling when an object starts gleaming at the hands of the designer. (Registration for the workshops:, a maximum of 10 persons at a time)

Karcsi Papírboltja

Karcsi Papírboltja designs and produces paper installations and decorative elements for private and corporate events. The founder, Kata Bánlaki expects interested visitors to get familiar with the design and manufacturing processes, and even try their hands at working with paper during the workshop. Please register for visits, specifying your preferred time of visit until 16 September at (a maximum of 15 persons at a time).


Hannabi’s mission is to build a bridge between manufacturers and designers. Their new programme is Hannabi Talent, which tracks the path of a product from idea to marketing for designers, manufacturers and students. This time, it was Zita Merényi’s master work from 2015, Provo-CUT, a clothes collection named “Wounded” that inspired Hannabi founder Anikó Rácz for joint designing, which resulted in a bold collection of covers and pillows. Visitors may take a peek behind the scenes of their joint work, besides getting familiar with the raw materials and manufacturing processes. (Please register at, a maximum of 50 persons. Please apply until 27 and 29 September).


Fabrika deals with modern objects of the 20th century, and, if permitted by the character of the specific pieces, applies an unconventional approach to restoration: a sensitive designer attitude is always involved in the renovation. This time, wonderful old furniture and lamps are re-dressed in cooperation with fashion designer team THEFOUR, to debut at the Design Week.


UX is a problem-solving process that facilitates easier and more efficient understanding of product or service users in order to offer a real solution to their problems. At the workshop entitled ’UX and UI in practice – Why is it essential to find out about user experience, and how to improve a web service through UX?’, the developers present this process through their own work and their shared examples. Please register until midnight on 17 September at (a maximum of 15 persons). Read More ›