Design and Creative Arts Fair

Programs by Museum of Applied Arts

The Museum of Applied Arts expects fans of object culture with a traditional design fair: designer-made unique, high-quality jewellery, clothing, ceramics and accessories. In addition to the fair, varied programmes including a family day will be provided to interested visitors.

  • Address: 1091 Budapest, Üllői St. 33-37.
  • Design and Creative Arts Fair: 1 October, 10:00-18:00
  • Place: Museum of Applied Arts
  • Other informations: The program changed the entrance to the exhibition, or HUF 500 ticketed events open to visitors.


Visegrad Design Fair at WAMP

Celebrate together with Visegrad countries’ designers

For 10 years now WAMP represents and guarantees high quality design. During this year’s Design Week Budapest WAMP prepares with a special program, where Slovakian, Czech and Polish designers will present their work beyond more than hundred selected Hungarian exhibitors. Entrance fee is 500 Ft, which you can pay with at the market.

Pop-Up exhibition

Programs at the Museum of Applied Arts

In this programme, the Museum intends to re-interpret the connection between sight, the sense of touch, and personal visual culture through a pop-up exhibition (between 11-17 h). With LaLuz team visitors can make an excursion into painting with light, whereas in the movement performance by Élőkép Theatre female sculptures are endowed with life.

Jewelry Design Market

Those who are interested in jewelry are welcome to visit B32 Gallery, where besides the exhibition of Ágnes Bartha’s works, a Jewelry Design Market and a discussion between jewelry designer Ágnes Bartha and Kata Oltai is also organised. Participants: Klára Abaffy, ArtKores, Ágnes Bartha, Eszter Csurka, Ildi Czok, Noémi Gera, Katalin Jermakov, Fanni Király, Éva Reményi, Viki Simon, Panni Véssey, Dóra Dés.

Business & Design in KUBIK coworking

Meetups, exhibition, design fair and presentations

Business design. Women in design. Strategic design. Fashion design. Website design. Career design. Chocolate design. KUBIK members and partners are waiting for guests who want to get to know the life of a coworking office and freelancer lifestyle with workshops, lectures and different professional programs. Registration required for some special programs.  Read More ›

Kezemura x MAACRAFT

Pop-Up Design Fair

How can a downtown ceramics designer brand and a workshop employing mainly autistic people with eccelent craftmanship skills collaborate? Only at Design Week, Kezemura and MAACRAFT have joined forces for a special project that merges new craftmanship and contemporary design. The resulting limited edition products will be available at the pop-up fair at The Garden Studio.


Sustainable design

There is no precise definition of eco design, each trend has a different aspect and view on it. The exhibition would like to show the importance of conscious market behavior as an essential step for our viable future through the works of famous national and international designers. The exhibition presents Studio Swine’s Sea Chairs, Ariane Prin’s ceramic homeware collection, PAPER UP! and the new collection of WYHOYS organic clothing among the works of many other designers.