Behind the ColourMirror

Programs by Museum of Applied Arts

This interactive installation, made by the team TechLab Fellows of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest, is a project accompanying our exhibition “In the Mood for Colours”. The mirror scans the clothing of the visitor standing in front of it and the programme finds an object in the exhibition matching this colour scheme. How did this installation come into being? What can it be used for? Among others, these questions will be discussed with the creators of this project.

Registration: (max. 40 persons)

  • Address: 1091 Budapest, Üllői St. 33-37.
  • Interactive installation: 27 September, 17:30-19:00
  • Place: Museum of Applied Arts
  • Other informations: The program sparked entrance ticket to the exhibition can be visited.


User Experience or the art of spirit giving

Presentations and workshops organised by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Economy and Social Science, Department of Ergonomics and Psychology

Presentation about user experience (UX) explains how lifeless objects can be enliven, how can we design our material surrounding aiming only the psychological satisfaction of an object. What is the secret of the really good designers?

Presented by: György Becker

Programs are free, but registration is obligatory at :

Presentation and workshop on eye-tracking

Presentations and workshops organised by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Economy and Social Science, Department of Ergonomics and Psychology

How do we scan virtual environments? Can eye-tracking provide additional information for game developers? The presentation showcasing the latest trends in eye-tracking is followed by an interactive workshop. (max. 30 person/workshop)

Presenter: Köles Máté, Dr. Hámornik Balázs Péter

Programs are free, but registration is obligatory at :

Human Centred Design for Innovation

Fundamentals of Innovation through Human-Centred Design

Through a dynamic mix of short lectures and hands-on activities, this one day workshop introduces participants to Human Centred Design and Service design tools and methods. This workshop is ideal for anyone who is interested in these topics. Registration: or

The workshop fee is  5500 HUF/ person/ occasion.

Appointment time change for Service Design workshop: 1. October
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UX Design Presentation

Get to Know Your Users!

UX studio works exclusively on UX and UI design: they design mobile and web applications. By participating on their workshops visitors can meet their designers and researchers, and learn in a fun and practical way about how to improve digital products. At the main event Dávid Pásztor CEO will give a presentation about user experience design. The event is free, registration: or, max 100 guests.

Wearable Technologies

Interactive Mini Expo

Digital object creation, manipulated materials, interactive graphics, audio and image processing. Memory brooch, illuminating reflex mirror, acoustic Budapest memorials. The exhibition presents the works of MOME Design and Art Department’s students inspired by individual and collective memories. Free event, registration:

Design and technology on Earth and in space

CAD-Terv has been participating in product development projects for 19 years in many areas, from the automotive industry through consumer goods to space industry. Presentations will show the way from design to manufacturable products and the best practices. Speakers will illustrate their work with two products: a multimedia device and a satellite – the latter spent more than 1,000 days in space.  Read More ›


One studio – seven designers, one dog and a large number of products. If you are curious who designed Modulo buses or Paq chair beds, come and meet them to see how they work on their design and UX design projects, whether they be assignment or their own works. Maform organises a presentation and an informal discussion in three turns - participation is subject to registration, each turn can accommodate a maximum of 35 persons. Please register in an email with the subject "NyS Maform" at, until 20 September.


UX is a problem-solving process that facilitates easier and more efficient understanding of product or service users in order to offer a real solution to their problems. At the workshop entitled ’UX and UI in practice – Why is it essential to find out about user experience, and how to improve a web service through UX?’, the developers present this process through their own work and their shared examples. Please register until midnight on 17 September at (a maximum of 15 persons). Read More ›