Design Hét Sopron

Immár harmadik alkalommal jelentkezik Sopronban is a Design Hét, mely az Alkalmazott Művészeti Intézetben 'Az átmenetiség újrateremtése' kíállítás megnyitójával kezdődik és a táborral, mint építészeti problémával foglalkozik, azon belül is elsősorban a menekülttáborral, mint ideiglenes és uniformizált térrel. Részletes programok: 

I have a favourite colour – pop-up exhibition

Programs by Museum of Applied Arts

This is a pop up exhibition about the visually impaired, visual values and fashion, an experiment with free associations that calls your attention to the personal taste and the visual culture of the blind and the visually impaired.

Central Values – Common Heritage in Central European Contemporary Design

Exhibition and Conference

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the formation of the Visegrád Cooperation, and also when Visegrád Patent Institute, a partner institution of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office was launched. This round anniversary others additional opportunities for strengthening cooperation in a number of fields, including design. This is why in 2016 Budapest Design Week features three countries instead of the customary one: the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. Read More ›

Fusion in world of work – With limitations but without limits

Presentations and workshops organised by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Economy and Social Science, Department of Ergonomics and Psychology

Introducing free or low budget solutions for creating barrier-free working environments. Seminar on the criteria of accessible workplace and about their benefits. Illustrating individual and/or general tools, solutions, work and life situations.

Presenter: Dr. Erika Jókai, Erzsébet Földesi

Programs are free, but registration is obligatory at :

Design Society – Design Economy

Interactions between design and society in the furniture industry

A conference about furniture design and social changes through the eyes of a historician: Gábor Ligetfalvi, a design specialist: Rita Mária Halasi, and the industry expert: Krisztina Cselényi. Speakers will discuss the new directions of furniture production in the 21st century, characterized by the internet, sharing economy and design-conscious shopping. Is a non-traditional yet still economical model possible? Participants will have the chance to participate at the thematic, guided tour in the Museum where they will have a chance to visit the newly opened show of Hungarian Design Award 2016 as well. Registration at and +36 30 689 5206.

Technika #1, where design gets downloaded

Furniture workshop

During Budapest Design Week 2016, two initiatives cooperate, whose work is based on sharing and collaboration. Download Design provides accessible manufacturing drawings of furniture made by Hungarian young designers, while Technika Wood Workshop offers space and tools for realising your future furniture. Pick a project, download it, and let’s build it together! 

Registration & more details: (max. 15 guests)

Cellux Story Picnic

Cellux Group offers a colourful program on their all-day long picnic: check out their brand new children’s book illustration and enjoy the following kids workshop (10-13h), participate in the lecture and discussion about storytelling in design (14-15h) and finish the day with an interesting design workshop that uses folk tales as an inspiration (15-17h). 

Registration: (max. 20 guests / program)

Is ECO only veggie-marketable?

Roundtable and collection show

Sustainable fashion is boring!? Only a greenwash or a catchy marketing trick? Printa is trying to find answers during the round-table discussion with the help of experts in the green field.Then Printa introduces four eco-designers who make their art sustainably. Come and try on some pieces of LAZLO, WYHOYS, AWARE collections and NES shoes. Read More ›

Prezi - Budapest Design Meetup

Design & Health

The goal of the Budapest Design Meetup is to bring the attendees closer to design and related fields. You get to know successful designers, their projects and creative thinking via presentations, conversations and the active participation of the audience. During Design Week organizers will investigate the connection of people, health and design. Admission is free. 

Medical 3D Printing

Presentation and Factory Tour

3D Printing can be very well applied to medicine. Nowdays customised implants can be produced based on CT images and 3D Printing has an ever increasing role also in medical training as realistic anatomical models can be printed with high precision. VARINEX’s event will present all these novelties for the participants of the factory tour. Registration:

Common Ground

Inclusive design at high quality

MAXCity Centre of Interior Design is featuring an exciting and fresh topic this year. It presents brands and designers who have one thing in common: they all work towards a better, more equal and integral world through high-quality design by involoving in a unique way disadvantaged or handicapped co-workers into creation. A round table discussion will also take place. For more information visit the web or facebooksite of MaxCity

TOUCH exhibition

Do you blindly believe in your own taste?

Touch is a seating furniture exhibition of Hungarian designers where we will literally grope in the dark to search for the answers how many dimensions a design furniture can have, how we judge with our different senses and what makes a furniture comfortable? If you would like to try and and sit in famous designers' known and unknown chairs and you would like to feel the furnitures' materials and comfort level by touching them, now is your time. We collected 14 different tipes of chairs so we hope we will surprise everybody. Read More ›