Design Hét Sopron

Immár harmadik alkalommal jelentkezik Sopronban is a Design Hét, mely az Alkalmazott Művészeti Intézetben 'Az átmenetiség újrateremtése' kíállítás megnyitójával kezdődik és a táborral, mint építészeti problémával foglalkozik, azon belül is elsősorban a menekülttáborral, mint ideiglenes és uniformizált térrel. Részletes programok: 

State of the Art Winery – Etyeki Kúria

Design and Functionality

What is the role of design in the life of a high quality winery, how far could the self-realization go and where should the importance of functionality begin? These are the questions to be answered at the pop-up downtown community hall by the image designer Alessandri Studio, by the architect of the winery Peter Bordás and the winemaker Sándor Mérész. The installations of young designers are complemented by the unconventional presentation of the works of artist Márton Nemes and Kata Szegedi fashion designer and wine tasting. 

Participation is free, pre registration is required for the party at

  • Address: 1054 Budapest, Szabadság Square 14.
  • Open: 29-30 September / Thur-Fri 11:00-23:00
  • Discussions: 29 September, 18:00
  • Fashion show, exhibition, party: 29 September, 19:00
  • Place: Etyeki Kúria Winery Pop-up Store


Near Earth Asteroids

Edible Art Objects – NEDILL food design

Zsuzsi Matók’s works jolt us across the boundaries of customary gastronomy: the concept of her latest light-based food design show is based on interstellar clouds of asteroids in outer space, which occasionally intersect with the Earth’s atmosphere. These meteorites subtly light up the space in a fusion of extraordinary forms and tastes with the help of molecular gastronomy and design.

Food Anatomy and Style

Design Gastro and discussion

Traditional food photography or contemporary installation? Collaboration between photographer and stylist in food design. Discussion with Panka Milutinovits, food stylist and Áron Erdőháti, food photographer. Besides the discussion, you can also try Fruccola’s Design Menu during Budapest Design Week – did you know that only 20% of our taste experience is influenced by the flavor and the texture of the ingredients? Unique and traditional combinations in this year’s Design Week Menu (1790 Ft, only at Fruccola Kristóf Tér). Registration to the discussion: (max. 20 Person).

Plate Stories

Chef István Pesti is the main professional advisor at MOME’s Serving Design. At this event, István is presenting his new menu and its exciting displays based on the ‘anatomy’ keyword at Miele’s Active Kitchen. Dinner will be offered on provocative surfaces: organic glass, fine concrete, found objects…or even you.
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Hair in Your Soup

Eat-art happening & gasztro design

Do your hair! – a visual & culinary extravaganza, eat-art adventure at Taste Loffice. Intimate milieu, works of art by contemporary artists & designers, artfully set tables and a scrumptious dinner await you. The performance will take us through the worlds of porcelain, tableware history, fashion & coiffure.
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Design and Gastronomy

Visiting 3 unique gastronomy locations in the city

The exquisite gastronomy nowadays is getting bigger attention. The victory of Tamás Széll at Bocuse d’or Europe 2016, draw the international attention more towards our country and on Budapest. Our design tour will have 3 special gastronomical locations of the city: Michelin-starred restaurant Onyx, extreme gastronomy centre Émile and a particular supermarket: Buda Gourmet. And who else then Zoltán Varró, designer of all the venues, will be the one who will guide the guests around the premises.
Registration:, max. 20 guests/location/occassion.

  • Design Tour- Buda Gourmet: 26 September, 10:00, 12:00
  • Place: 1036 Bp., Bécsi st 38-44.
  • Design Tour- Onyx: 27, 28 September 16:00
  • Place: 1051 Bp., Vörösmarty sqr 7-8
  • Design Tour- Émile: 29 September, 11:00, 14:00
  • Place: 1026 Bp.,Orló st. 1


APLI Design - Bocuse d’Or 2016 Design Aspects

The winning plates - behind the scenes

Tamás Széll and his Hungarian team won Bocuse d’Or Europe Chef Competition this Spring in Budapest. APLI Design studio, founded by Lili Zsabokorszky and Apor Püspöki has strengthened the team with plating design. With surprise guests, designers this year will talk about how their duties have gone beyond visual design. 

Registration: (max. 40 guests).