Highlights of contemporary Austrian Design

FISE Gallery presents the best of the Austrian object-culture. The exhibition offers objects of highly respected and internationally well-known artists and novelties of young designers. Art-friends will appreciate the Wiener –characteristics as well as the fresh introduction of brand new pieces. FISE-Gallery invites for Design Duel again in this year. Gallery Lounge will be open for designers to create their ideas on the base of given problems in limited time. The competiors work in teams by lot. Read More ›


Petr Nový, the curator of the exhibition HANDMADE DREAMS – Contemporary Czech Fashion Jewellery will have a lecture on the past and present of Czech jewellery production. After the lecture, he will give a commented tour to the exhibition, which takes place between 24th September and 9th October in the second floor of Museum of Applied Arts and focuses on presenting  contemporary Czech jewellery from famous trademarks as well as from students of design. Read More ›

Behind the ColourMirror

Programs by Museum of Applied Arts

This interactive installation, made by the team TechLab Fellows of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest, is a project accompanying our exhibition “In the Mood for Colours”. The mirror scans the clothing of the visitor standing in front of it and the programme finds an object in the exhibition matching this colour scheme. How did this installation come into being? What can it be used for? Among others, these questions will be discussed with the creators of this project.

Registration: (max. 40 persons)

  • Address: 1091 Budapest, Üllői St. 33-37.
  • Interactive installation: 27 September, 17:30-19:00
  • Place: Museum of Applied Arts
  • Other informations: The program sparked entrance ticket to the exhibition can be visited.


Central Values – Common Heritage in Central European Contemporary Design

Exhibition and Conference

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the formation of the Visegrád Cooperation, and also when Visegrád Patent Institute, a partner institution of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office was launched. This round anniversary others additional opportunities for strengthening cooperation in a number of fields, including design. This is why in 2016 Budapest Design Week features three countries instead of the customary one: the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. Read More ›

Presentation and workshop on eye-tracking

Presentations and workshops organised by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Economy and Social Science, Department of Ergonomics and Psychology

How do we scan virtual environments? Can eye-tracking provide additional information for game developers? The presentation showcasing the latest trends in eye-tracking is followed by an interactive workshop. (max. 30 person/workshop)

Presenter: Köles Máté, Dr. Hámornik Balázs Péter

Programs are free, but registration is obligatory at :

Ionna Vautrin

French industrial designer Ionna Vautrin graduated in 2002 from L’école de design Nantes Atlantique. Since then she has collaborated with famous brands like Christian Dior, Serralunga, Camper, Foscarini or the Bouroullec brothers. She opened her own studio in 2011. Her style mixes organic and geometric shapes in a unique way which results in cheerful, colorful and playful objects that also feature humour and surprise.

English language program, participation is free of charge.

Design Pécs


A Design Pécs idén is sok izgalmas programmal várja a látogatókat! Részletes programok >> Read More ›

Near Earth Asteroids

Edible Art Objects – NEDILL food design

Zsuzsi Matók’s works jolt us across the boundaries of customary gastronomy: the concept of her latest light-based food design show is based on interstellar clouds of asteroids in outer space, which occasionally intersect with the Earth’s atmosphere. These meteorites subtly light up the space in a fusion of extraordinary forms and tastes with the help of molecular gastronomy and design.


POP-UP Installation & Portfolio Photoshoot

DekoRatio’s pop-up installation will function as an art gallery during Budapest Design Week. They will set up a „design forest”, from which – given you are lucky enough – you will be able to take home a unique picture. The photo studio of DekoRatio Branding & Design also offers 5 lucky applicants the possibility for a consultation about portfolio photography. Details at, registration:

What makes a good designer?

Attend on of our design workshops!

Do you know the technique of suminagashi? Do you know what is shibori? What makes order beautiful? You can learn about the Japanese scarves, textiles dyeing techniques, paper marbling. And also you have a chance to make your own foldign bag or mixed media built design jewellry. (Registration: max. 12 person/workshop). Read More ›

  • Address: 1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla St. 53.
  • Open: 24 September – 1 Oktober / Mon-Fri 15:00-20:00
  • Workshops: Create bags: 09/24 Saturday 10.00-13.00, 13.30-16.30 Create jewellery: 09/26-27 Monday-Tuesday 16.00-20.00 Suminagashi: 09/29 Thursday 17.00-20.00 Shibori: 09/30 Friday 16.00-20.00 10/1 Saturday 14.00-18.00
  • Place: Corvin Rajziskola és Művészeti Stúdió


Archistructure 2.0

Exhibition & Symposium

Following a performative vernissage the exhibition presents the designs, mock ups, chair transcripts and form-experiments made by MOME`s students of the architecture. The results of the last academic year are investigating the relations between education, gastronomy and architectural thinking. The symposium aims to answer the relevant educational questions of architectural education inviting the leading experts and professors of this scene. Read More ›