Design Hét Sopron

Immár harmadik alkalommal jelentkezik Sopronban is a Design Hét, mely az Alkalmazott Művészeti Intézetben 'Az átmenetiség újrateremtése' kíállítás megnyitójával kezdődik és a táborral, mint építészeti problémával foglalkozik, azon belül is elsősorban a menekülttáborral, mint ideiglenes és uniformizált térrel. Részletes programok: 

Central Values – Common Heritage in Central European Contemporary Design

Exhibition and Conference

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the formation of the Visegrád Cooperation, and also when Visegrád Patent Institute, a partner institution of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office was launched. This round anniversary others additional opportunities for strengthening cooperation in a number of fields, including design. This is why in 2016 Budapest Design Week features three countries instead of the customary one: the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. Read More ›

Design Pécs


A Design Pécs idén is sok izgalmas programmal várja a látogatókat! Részletes programok >> Read More ›

Design Society – Design Economy

Interactions between design and society in the furniture industry

A conference about furniture design and social changes through the eyes of a historician: Gábor Ligetfalvi, a design specialist: Rita Mária Halasi, and the industry expert: Krisztina Cselényi. Speakers will discuss the new directions of furniture production in the 21st century, characterized by the internet, sharing economy and design-conscious shopping. Is a non-traditional yet still economical model possible? Participants will have the chance to participate at the thematic, guided tour in the Museum where they will have a chance to visit the newly opened show of Hungarian Design Award 2016 as well. Registration at and +36 30 689 5206.

EVERY THING WE TOUCH by Paula Zuccotti

Imagine keeping a record of everything you touch in a day, from the moment you wake until you fall asleep and gathering all those things together for a single photograph. What would that image say about you and your day? Would strangers get a good sense of your life by looking at the objects laid out in chronological order? What would they deduce about you? What would they miss? Paula Zuccotti’s Every Thing We Touch documents a day in the life of 62 people around the world through the objects they own, consume, need, choose, treasure and can’t let go. Read More ›

Near Earth Asteroids

Edible Art Objects – NEDILL food design

Zsuzsi Matók’s works jolt us across the boundaries of customary gastronomy: the concept of her latest light-based food design show is based on interstellar clouds of asteroids in outer space, which occasionally intersect with the Earth’s atmosphere. These meteorites subtly light up the space in a fusion of extraordinary forms and tastes with the help of molecular gastronomy and design.


POP-UP Installation & Portfolio Photoshoot

DekoRatio’s pop-up installation will function as an art gallery during Budapest Design Week. They will set up a „design forest”, from which – given you are lucky enough – you will be able to take home a unique picture. The photo studio of DekoRatio Branding & Design also offers 5 lucky applicants the possibility for a consultation about portfolio photography. Details at, registration:

Plate Stories

Chef István Pesti is the main professional advisor at MOME’s Serving Design. At this event, István is presenting his new menu and its exciting displays based on the ‘anatomy’ keyword at Miele’s Active Kitchen. Dinner will be offered on provocative surfaces: organic glass, fine concrete, found objects…or even you.
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UX Design Presentation

Get to Know Your Users!

UX studio works exclusively on UX and UI design: they design mobile and web applications. By participating on their workshops visitors can meet their designers and researchers, and learn in a fun and practical way about how to improve digital products. At the main event Dávid Pásztor CEO will give a presentation about user experience design. The event is free, registration: or, max 100 guests.

What makes a good designer?

Attend on of our design workshops!

Do you know the technique of suminagashi? Do you know what is shibori? What makes order beautiful? You can learn about the Japanese scarves, textiles dyeing techniques, paper marbling. And also you have a chance to make your own foldign bag or mixed media built design jewellry. (Registration: max. 12 person/workshop). Read More ›

  • Address: 1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla St. 53.
  • Open: 24 September – 1 Oktober / Mon-Fri 15:00-20:00
  • Workshops: Create bags: 09/24 Saturday 10.00-13.00, 13.30-16.30 Create jewellery: 09/26-27 Monday-Tuesday 16.00-20.00 Suminagashi: 09/29 Thursday 17.00-20.00 Shibori: 09/30 Friday 16.00-20.00 10/1 Saturday 14.00-18.00
  • Place: Corvin Rajziskola és Művészeti Stúdió


Wearable Technologies

Interactive Mini Expo

Digital object creation, manipulated materials, interactive graphics, audio and image processing. Memory brooch, illuminating reflex mirror, acoustic Budapest memorials. The exhibition presents the works of MOME Design and Art Department’s students inspired by individual and collective memories. Free event, registration:

Meter by meter

Blind Chic. Anniversary Exhibition

Catch up with the last 5 years of Blind Chic., who offer unique handmade cycling accessories, through this anniversary exhibition including an opening party, a pop-up store with discounts and “long time no see” models, and a pop-up sewing lab where you can leave your bag to be fixed for free and even have a look into the every days of the studio. Registration to POP-UP sewing lab:, max. 25 guests.