Design Hét Sopron

Immár harmadik alkalommal jelentkezik Sopronban is a Design Hét, mely az Alkalmazott Művészeti Intézetben 'Az átmenetiség újrateremtése' kíállítás megnyitójával kezdődik és a táborral, mint építészeti problémával foglalkozik, azon belül is elsősorban a menekülttáborral, mint ideiglenes és uniformizált térrel. Részletes programok: 

Design glass in Budapest tram stops

Special project by LUMINARI Glass and BKK (Centre for Budapest Transport)

On the occasion of Design Week Budapest, together with BKK (Centre for Budapest Transport), LUMINARI Glass creates a new appearance for three public transport stations. Deák Ferenc square is going to be one of them, where the opening event will take place. They invite you on the 25th of September for the debut of elegance, technology, glass, design, mobility; the debut of LUMINARI Glass & BKK. Music: #planetmälcolm. Bringing new colour to the city. Read More ›

Central Values – Common Heritage in Central European Contemporary Design

Exhibition and Conference

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the formation of the Visegrád Cooperation, and also when Visegrád Patent Institute, a partner institution of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office was launched. This round anniversary others additional opportunities for strengthening cooperation in a number of fields, including design. This is why in 2016 Budapest Design Week features three countries instead of the customary one: the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. Read More ›

Design Pécs


A Design Pécs idén is sok izgalmas programmal várja a látogatókat! Részletes programok >> Read More ›

Near Earth Asteroids

Edible Art Objects – NEDILL food design

Zsuzsi Matók’s works jolt us across the boundaries of customary gastronomy: the concept of her latest light-based food design show is based on interstellar clouds of asteroids in outer space, which occasionally intersect with the Earth’s atmosphere. These meteorites subtly light up the space in a fusion of extraordinary forms and tastes with the help of molecular gastronomy and design.

When the Lady drives the bike

Programs at the Museum of Applied Arts

Themed day connected to the joint Bikeology exhibition by Museum of Applied Arts and Museum of Transport. Repair it, try it, fix it! Female cycling design and accessories, fine biking programs, not exclusively for ladies! Participation by ticket acquisition for the Bikeology exhibition only.

WoodLike Workshop & Brunch

Create your own wooden box!

WoodLike is a series of workshops related to Do It Yourself (DIY) projects where non-professionals have the chance to create design items with experts’ help. This time, participants will create their own and unique storage devices, and will share a brunch afterwards. Self-made fruit and vegetable “boxes” are free to be taken home by their producers. Combined ticket for the course and the brunch is 8500 HUF, for more information please visit

The Studio Project

Workshops and Evening Events

Envisioned by the designer siblings, the mittersisters brand's first collaboration is called The studio project. Workshops held in their atelier located at Astoria, combine the joy of individual creation, the idea of the personalised, variable accessoires and the status of the designer bag. Visit their studio during the Design Week, and you can try yourself out on the workshops with a 50% discount, or meet personally with the girls and the brand's third founder on one of theirinformal evenings, where in addition to the delicious food and drinks, other programs will be presented as well. Registration required on both the workshops and the evening events as well. Please send emails to the email address.(max. 6 person/ workshop, evening events: max. 30 guests/occasion).

MOME Material Love


Are you interested in stories about textiles or would you like to choose materials consciously when shopping? Do you want to hear all about these things from an experienced designer? This year’s special is MOME Material Love a course where you can learn anything you need to know about textiles on a basic level. The course is a joint project between Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest and Material Love. Registration: 

(min. 15, max. 28 persons, fee:12700 HUF)

Sezlon - Leather Quiz

Workshop and opent gallery

Leather quiz! If you want to know more about the most natural material which can form our environment to a HOME, if you want to learn special secrets of the leading furniture factories, never have you better chance than now in Budapest’s unique contemporary design gallery among the design pieces of Kati Meyer-Brühl, probably the most exciting furniture designer in our days. Registration: max. 12 guests.

A cup of tea a’la design

Drinking tea and collection launch party in Style Center Budapest

What do we need for an afternoon tea? A pair of chic jewellery and shoes for sure. And unique furniture of course. The Rienne and REKA VAGO brand in cooperation with Mónika Müller make the right attitude for it. Come to Style Center and join the Hungarian designers for a cup of tea among the designer pieces.


TOUCH exhibition

Do you blindly believe in your own taste?

Touch is a seating furniture exhibition of Hungarian designers where we will literally grope in the dark to search for the answers how many dimensions a design furniture can have, how we judge with our different senses and what makes a furniture comfortable? If you would like to try and and sit in famous designers' known and unknown chairs and you would like to feel the furnitures' materials and comfort level by touching them, now is your time. We collected 14 different tipes of chairs so we hope we will surprise everybody. Read More ›