Design Hét Sopron

Immár harmadik alkalommal jelentkezik Sopronban is a Design Hét, mely az Alkalmazott Művészeti Intézetben 'Az átmenetiség újrateremtése' kíállítás megnyitójával kezdődik és a táborral, mint építészeti problémával foglalkozik, azon belül is elsősorban a menekülttáborral, mint ideiglenes és uniformizált térrel. Részletes programok: 

Central Values – Common Heritage in Central European Contemporary Design

Exhibition and Conference

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the formation of the Visegrád Cooperation, and also when Visegrád Patent Institute, a partner institution of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office was launched. This round anniversary others additional opportunities for strengthening cooperation in a number of fields, including design. This is why in 2016 Budapest Design Week features three countries instead of the customary one: the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. Read More ›

Design Pécs


A Design Pécs idén is sok izgalmas programmal várja a látogatókat! Részletes programok >> Read More ›

Word on Letter


The exhibition is part of a doctorial dissertation which was created with the aim of presenting different printing techniques in their wide social and historical contexts. Parts of the doctorial dissertation were the website and the results of the theoretical research in a book. The project aims to present ancient machines and techniques of old times which testify about the simultaneous development of society and typography.

Wood Graffiti Workshop

Binpile building, lamp making

Binpile modular system combines functionality, flexible versality and quality handwork. Their workshop uses recycled wood exclusively and sustainability is their basic principle. Design Week workshops allow participants to build with Binpile modules or even to create a Binpile lamp. Registration:, max.10 persons/occasion, participation fee: building is free, lamp making: 5000 Ft.

Design Port (Graphic Design)

exhibition by graphic design students from Pécs

Celebrating the 650th Jubilee of University of Pécs, and the 20th Jubilee of the Faculty of Music and Visual Arts, the exhibition presents a wide range of the graphic design students’ works from the fields of animation, illustration, sketchbook, poster, publication, identity, packaging, font design and experimental typography.

  • Address: Budapest, Ráday St. 47
  • Open: 23 September – 2 October / Mon-Sun 14:00-19:00
  • Opening event: 23 September, 18:00
  • Place: Art 9. Galéria és Galéria IX. Budapest


Dynamic Design – Design Dynamics

Programs by Graphasel Design Studio

Program change!
Free discussion of priority projects and other curiosities at each workstations. In addition, what is expected:  snack, music and fun.
Organized presentations and guest lectures are next Friday, on 30th of September.

Performative Space

Space-Installation Exhibition

A co-exhibition of the Department of Design at BME Faculty of Architecture and the Object Design Faculty of the MOME, showing free spatial experiments in the context of form-light-movement-scale. The installation can be considered as an essential unit of a spatial gesture, but it can also be approached from the point of view of object design in the architectural sense. Curators: Tibor Nádor, painter & Ferenc Sebestény, architect.

MOME Degree Fashion Show 2016

Introducing the next generation of fashion and accessories designers the annual MOME Degree Fashion Show will be held Friday, September 23, 2016, at the prestigious Várkert Bazár. Courses featured in Show are Fashion Design, Knitwear Design, and Accessories Design.

Hungarian Design Award / Design Management Award 2016

Award Ceremony and Exhibition

Hungarian Design Award 2016

Hungarian Design Award, which parades the most successful, most innovative and internationally recognised products and designs of the past year, is a major event of Hungarian design every year. All the works, from medical diagnostic instruments or vehicles to branding, that have been awarded and granted the right to be exhibited at this event bestowed by the Minister of National Economy demonstrate the competitive edge inherent in design. Without this added value, we cannot speak about innovative products or services today. The Award managed by the Hungarian Design Council primarily aims to demonstrate the competitive edge in design to the market actors, from the manufacturers to the users and the public.

Design Management Award 2016

Design Management Award is conferred by the Hungarian Design Council upon economic organisations that strategically implement and regard design as a pledge of their success in the long term. The awarded organisations apply design as a discipline to improve competitiveness integrated in the decision-making processes of the organisation. It has already been proved that the higher level this process takes place at, the greater contribution it has on the successful operation and competitive edge of a particular organisation. The awarded organisations showcase an exemplary practice of design integrated in all their activities from aesthetics to management.

Entrance to the opening event: by invitation only.

Design Analysis I-II.

Fashion show and exhibition

The ergonomic design and environmentally conscious approach can be seen in the project work exhibition and fashion show of Industrial Product Design Engineering students of Óbuda University. Inspiration, function, technology and innovative forms are in the focus of analysis. Two locations, several topics – many solutions!

  • Open: 23 September – 7 October / Mon-Fri 11:00-19:00, Sat 11:00-18:00
  • Opening event: 23 September, 17:00
  • Place: Francia Intézet Budapest, Klauzál13 Könyvesbolt és Kortárs Galéria