Lecture at MOME

For designer / artist Marti Guixé design is a dialogue between user and function, form and content. Most of his projects are not complete without the interaction of the end user: we may add to his clock what eight o’clock represents for us, thus creating a personal object instead of a standardized one, we can combine the elements of the office furniture according to our needs, even our lampshade can be personalized by scratching it by a preferred pattern. All his creations are playful and food for thought at the same time, forcing us to leave our comfort zone and to question our relations with the world around us – abstract concepts in physical forms, simple and original solutions of problems we all know.

Main area of interest is gastronomy for Marti Guixé – actually, he is one of the world’s best known food designers and his lecture will also be mostly related to gastronomy (some food-related objects by Marti Guixé are currently exhibited at Tapas).

English language program, participation is free of charge.